Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to Open and Operate a Bed & Breakfast (book review)

When I think about retirement - I see myself running a BnB somewhere near ski resort.
Is it a crazy dream - or can it be actually done?
I will start with some research. Found this book in our library:

How to Open and Operate a Bed & Breakfast  by Jan Stankus
Linked to an even newer edition on Amazon.

- Informative
- Short and to the point
- Practical
- Lots of examples
- Good advice and where to start and where to run

Definitely a good thing to start with. Contains all kind of worksheets and checklists.
Will they be useful? You have to start with something and then create your own.

- A bit outdated - seriously discuss modem internet access. Makes me think about other reference information given in the book - how up to date it is

Am I a fit to be a host?
not with my current housekeeping style.

What scares me the most?
- Getting up early.
- People (love people but not sure to what extend)

- BnB better survive in a 4 season attractive areas.
- Location matters
- House layout - separate business from private
- Pets (what to do with our crazy dog?)

Next move:
- Need to check out other BnB - especially in our area and in the area I would like to have a BnB.
- Research areas
- Apprenticeship

Can I open my house to guests? Definite No-no:
- Location - deep residential area, not walk-able, far from public transit. Nothing will ever change